Council Recap: The City Has A New Historic Landmark; A Pilot Program To Aid Unhoused People, and more

Wilmington City Council holding its second regular meeting for the month of September.

First up, a public hearing on the city’s consolidated annual performance and evaluation report which outlines how the city uses federal funds to provide affordable housing opportunities.

“We’re in a good position in terms of resources. Our shared goal is to see affordable housing that meets the demand in the community, and that’s a big demand,” said Suzanne Rogers, Community Development and Housing planner for the city.

Next, council approved an ordinance designating the Dr. Hubert Eaton House as a local historic landmark. This property has been recognized because of its association with three prominent Black tennis legends and community leaders: Dr. Hubert Eaton, Althea Gibson, and Lenny Simpson.

“So, Dr. Eaton lived there with his family for 50 years or more and during that time he brought Althea Gibson down and sent her to Williston school and trained her on the tennis court in the backyard. The court was the only court for a long time that Black Wilmingtonians could play on,” said Jessica Baldwin, Historic Preservation Planner.

Finally, council voted to enter into an agreement with New Hanover County to create a pilot program aimed at helping the homeless population within the city.

This program would pair a WPD officer with a county social worker as they engage homeless persons to assist them in getting services.

“We understand that we will be thwarted in our attempts, we understand that we will not get everyone into the program, we understand that this is trying to manage the issue not trying to make it go away. We are prepared for that kind of frustration, but we do believe the appropriate measures is to establish a relationship with these folks, know who they are, and be able to help them with their needs,” said Tony Caudle, Wilmington’s city manager.

The city will only be responsible for the cost associated with the police officers.

City council will meet again on October 4th at 6:30 pm.

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