Council Recap: Taking Additional Steps To Fight Food Deserts In Wilmington

Wilmington City Council held its first regular meeting of November. First up, Mayor Bill Saffo recognized several city employees for their outstanding service and commitment to public service, including awarding employee of the year.

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“They have been selected by the Employee Recognition Committee as our 2022 Employees of the Year. Rebekah, Nick, Danny, and Michael were instrumental in the recent success of the Wilmington Fire Department’s Junior Firefighter Academy,” Mayor Saffo said.

Next, council approved a contract for multiple stream restoration and stabilization projects. This work will fix areas of erosion and help improve stormwater flow in the affected areas.

Council also voted to allocate $150,000 in federal ARPA funding to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. The funding will be used to assist the food bank’s operation at their under-construction facility on Greenfield Street, in an area that is considered a food desert.

Lastly, council approved an agreement with the Salvation Army to provide ARPA funding for the construction of a road which will connect North 30th Street to Kornegay Avenue. When complete, the road will become a city street and provide access to the Salvation Army’s new facility.

These ARPA allocations are part of the city’s commitment of infusing $13.5 million of ARPA funding into economic and community assistance.

City council will meet again on November 15th at 6:30pm.

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