Council Recap: More Affordable Housing, And Sidewalk Cafes, On The Way

Wilmington City Council held its second regular meeting for the month of October.

First up, council received an update from the Wilmington Housing Authority. Included was the latest on residents displaced due to mold and the timeline on moving them back in.

“The idea is that we have approximately 25 units that we can bring back online before the end of October. So, we’re moving right along. The goal, again, is still to have everyone in their units or some form of housing, permanent housing, before the end of the year,” said Tyrone Garrett, the executive director of the Wilmington Housing Authority.

Next, council approved a resolution to donate three surplus city-owned properties to Cape Fear Habitat For Humanity.

These properties will be developed by Habitat For Humanity to provide affordable housing.

“On average for about three members per household and in the Northside community alone we’ve built over 30 homes, and if you include the Love Grove area, we built over 70 in that area. So, we just want to continue to do more and as you know, with land scarcity, that becomes a difficult task. So, we’re very grateful to the city for their partnership and considering these land donations for us,” Lauren McKenzie, executive director for Cape Fear Habitat For Humanity, explained.

Finally, council approved an ordinance updating the city code in regard to sidewalk cafes and street furniture.

This amendment allows all nightclubs and bars, not just restaurants, to operate sidewalk cafes. It also clarifies rules over the placement of street furniture and hours of operation.

City council will meet again on November 1st at 6:30 pm.

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