Survey Roundup: We’re Looking For Your Thoughts On Greenfield Park’s Future; Trees; And More

The City is looking for your thoughts on a handful of topics that will affect the future of our community for years to come.

First up, Greenfield Park.

City staff is currently working on a master plan that will lay the foundation for Greenfield Park’s programs, amenities, and facilities moving forward.

The final plan is expected to include:

  • Landscaping and maintenance plan
  • Plan to Open Shoreline Sight Lines
  • Analysis to determine personnel needs
  • Programming analysis
  • Safety and Security Analysis
  • Capital Projects/Facility Life Cycles¬†¬†

If you’d like to chime in, go here to take the survey! The deadline is June 30.

We’re also looking for any historical pictures the community may have of Greenfield Lake. If you’d like to share those photos, please email them to

Urban Forest Master Plan

The City is also hard at work, developing its first ever Urban Forest Master Plan. But what is an “urban forest?” It’s all of the trees that surround us every day, including those along our streets, in City parks and natural areas, and those growing around our homes, workplaces, and businesses.

An abundant and healthy urban forest has been proven to help mitigate the effects of climate change and improve our quality of life by:

  • Reducing summer temperatures by shading and cooling streets, buildings, and the surrounding environment.
  • Improving air quality and the public health effects of air pollution
  • Positively impacting our mental and physical health
  • Providing homes, food and shelter for birds and other wildlife
  • Intercepting and absorbing stormwater and improving water quality of local lakes and streams
  • Beautifying the community and creating a sense of place
  • Increasing real estate values

Through community input, the Urban Forest Master Plan will develop a vision and framework to care for, grow, and enhance the benefits of Wilmington’s urban forest.

Go here if you’d like to take the survey! The deadline is June 30.

Pet Waste

Do you love dogs? We do! That’s why our stormwater team and researchers at UNCW have teamed up to better understand dog owners’ awareness, attitudes, and behaviors related to their pets’ waste.

The online survey, which can be found here, is completely anonymous.

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