Council Recap: The City Takes Steps To Bring Hundreds Of Jobs To The Area

City Council held its first March meeting at the Wilmington Convention Center Tuesday night as a television series was renting out Council Chambers at City Hall.

Council approved four resolutions on economic development incentives for businesses proposing to create jobs in the City — a total cost of $695,000 over five years.

“Should the package be accepted by this company, we expect that many of these jobs will be created beginning early here in 2022. And construction of this new taxable asset for the city and the county should follow in short order,” said Scott Satterfield, chief executive officer of Wilmington Business Development.

In each case, the companies are also seeking funding from New Hanover County and the State of North Carolina.

Council also approved an agreement with the North Carolina Department of Transportation that would fund the phase one design of the Downtown Rail Trail.

“Phase one will connect from Third Street, utilize the abandoned rail corridor, and travel out to the Love Grove Bridge. It’s a 2.2 mile future greenway connection,” said Mike Kozlosky, the executive director of the Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Finally, Council officially appointing Steve Mason as fire chief for the City.

Mason has served as interim chief since September 2021 and succeeds longtime Chief Buddy Martinette.

 “I’m grateful for all the support and trust you guys have placed in me to represent the dedicated men and women of the Wilmington Fire Department. It’s an amazing and humbling honor to stand before you this evening as only the tenth person in the 125-year history of the Wilmington fire department to serve as chief,” Mason said.

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City council will meet again March 15th at the Wilmington Convention Center.

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