Going Green To Save Some Green: Council Chambers Transitions To LED Lighting.

For some time now, City officials have considered more sustainable options to replace dozens of old, inefficient incandescent light bulbs that were in Council Chambers.

Anywhere from two to four of the bulbs would burn out each month, according to Facilities Specialist Mark Stuart. On top of frequently replacing the bulbs, Stuart said the bulbs created a significant amount of heat that would accumulate in the City Hall attic and inside Council Chambers.

While the old light bulbs produced plenty of excess heat, they also produced excessive electricity bills.

“They’re expensive to run. You just kind of look at it…if you thought maybe they’re on three to four hours a day throughout a year, I bet it’s about a thousand dollars in utility costs to run,” Stuart said.

The new LED lights that were recently installed inside Council Chambers are far more energy efficient and should last for years.

“Based off the energy readings on the box…you’re probably looking at about a hundred dollars a year to [run]. It’s a big difference and these should last probably 15 years.”

With all these added benefits of going green, Stuart did admit there was one other bonus.

“I don’t have to go on that lift. Everyone knows I’m scared of heights,” Stuart joked.

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