Employment Q&A: All The Questions You Wanted To Ask About Working For The City

In case you haven’t heard, Wilmington’s got talent, and we’re looking to hire some of the best and brightest to work for the City.

We recently held a recruitment Q&A session on social media so anyone interested in working with the City of Wilmington could ask any questions they might have. 

If you missed it, here’s a quick recap: 

What jobs are open? 

We have a wide range of jobs available like data analysts, grounds technicians, finance & accounting, NCIC (National Crime Information Center) Specialist, Recreation positions, construction workers, equipment operators, tree trimmers, to director level positions. See them all here: www.wilmingtonnc.gov/jobs  

What’s the pay like? 

The city offers competitive pay with a $15 minimum wage. Each job includes the salary range, so applicants have the best understanding of the job.

Note: City Council recently voted to approve a $1.3 million compensation package for all city employees to ensure salaries remain competitive in today’s market. The pay increase is effective as of March 28.

What are some of the benefits the City offers? 

We offer a comprehensive benefits package, including medical, dental, vision, life, etc. We also offer a 4.5% contribution to your designated retirement system! We also offer a mental health program that offers free mental health resources to employees and their family members.

Do you have any positions that accept associate’s degrees? 

Absolutely! We have numerous openings that require an associate’s degree or lower, such as law enforcement, grounds tech, ITS tech, quality control tech, and various parks & recreation and public services positions. Check out our job page and see if anything interests you!

How long does the City take to reply when you’ve applied for a position? 

Each job posting has a designated time frame that the posting is open. Until the job posting has expired/closed, you will not receive correspondence. After the initial screening of applications is complete, you will receive notice if you are chosen for an interview, or if the position has been filled.! 

What is the minimum age to work for the City? 

The minimum age to work for the city is 18. Whether you are beginning your career right out of high school or enrolled in a college, we have something for you. We also have a range of different internships within our departments! The City’s internships are hands-on learning and are great ways to further your career in a potential field of work. 

Are internships for college students paid? 

Yes! Our interns are paid at $15 an hour. 

What’s your favorite job interview question? And how would you answer it? 

Interview questions will differ in each department that you may interview with, but there are a few general themes. Job history, related experience, and your personal skills are all common concepts that you will find in our interviews! 

If someone is moving to Wilmington within a couple months, would you still interview?  

Yes! We’ll work with the right candidate on the timeline. Don’t let that stop you from joining the city. Apply!  

What is the process if a job posting is open until filled? When will they contact you if you say they don’t contact you until an opening has closed/expired? 

If a job is categorized as ‘open until filled’, applications will be reviewed periodically, rather than after a certain date (such as when a job as expired/closed). After the closing date of any job, applications are placed through an initial screening and then sent to the respective department. After the department has chosen their candidates for interviews, you will be notified if you are selected for an interview or if your application has not been chosen.  

Have more questions about working for the city? Contact our Human Resources Department at  910.341.7840! 

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